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Moroccans Invited To Participate In Libyan Reconstruction

15/01/2012 02:34

A high-level Libyan delegation recently went on a visit to Morocco. There, Moroccan businessmen were invited to participate in the reconstruction of Libya, a country plagued last year by a civil conflict that ended the dictatorship of Muammar Gaddafi. The information was released on Friday (13/1) by African news agency Panapress .

The Libyans attended a meeting in Casablanca, with the Association of Moroccan Exporters (ASMEX). According to Panapress, the delegation stressed that Libya is in urgent need of airport infrastructure and to purchase military uniforms, medicines and other items.  

According to the agency, ASMEX reported that Libya has always attracted the interest of Moroccan exporters and investors. The organization shall organize a mission to Libya in March.

The ASMEX is a private voluntary organization, created in 1982 by businesspersons engaged in export activities in Morocco. Its mission is to represent and promote the function and role of Moroccan exporters by protecting their interests, expanding their markets, assisting them in developing their skills and promote investment and partnership with the multifaceted foreign operators. 

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