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New Medical City in Saudi Arabia

08/03/2012 11:04

A new medical city has been proposed to be built in the northern city of Al-Jouf that would have the capacity for 1,000 beds.  According to Saudi Health Minister Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah in a speech, the purpose of the Prince Muhammed Bin Abdulaziz Medical City would be to serve the Kingdom’s northern population.
The Minister told the Governor of Al-Jouf Prince Fahd bin Badr of the various health projects intended for the region.  Those projects include five new medical cities in order to provide people living all over the country equal opportunities for healthcare.  The city in Al-Jouf would primarily serve those in Tabuk, Hail, and the northern recesses of the country.
The ministry has allocated SR2 billion (about $533 million) towards the project. The Minister’s plan is to both increase the number of beds available and to also improve the health services offered so that they meet global standards. Towards that end, the funds set aside for training and development of human resources have been doubled. The Minister said, “This is being carried out in coordination with the Ministries of Labor and Higher Education.” The Ministry will also gradually phase out old equipment and bring in new.
Regarding the medical city, the Director General Dr. Nahr Al-Azmi said that the project would be built on roughly 2 million square meters and will create over 6,000 jobs.  The city will include a general hospital, cardiac center, eye center, general laboratory, and rehabilitation center.  Rooms will host 4 patients each.
Yesterday, 10 new health projects were opened and construction on 14 others began, costing over SR2 billion.  These projects include four new hospitals in both Sakaka and Qurayat, a psychiatric facility, general hospitals in Abu Ajram and Al-Haditha, and a kidney dialysis unit in Sakaka.  Among the others were a maternity and children’s hospital, regional laboratory and dental center in Al-Jouf, and seven primary healthcare centers throughout the north.

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