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New Doha airport to be open in 2014

12/11/2013 07:21
Doha airport

Doha airport

Qatar capital city’s desert landscape is transformed as the new Doha airport is close to be open, after the opening date was postponed several times since 2009. Small trees, even with stakes begin to be seen on the roadside. Closer to the airport there are large trees and a kind of artificial lake formed with diversion of water from the sea.

The new airport in the capital of Qatar, which is expected to open in 2014, looks like an oasis in the desert. The project has received investments of 15.5 billion dollars and represents the ambition of Qatar to gain relevance in the world aviation.

To the untrained eye, the airport appears to be ready to start operating: the X -ray equipment already beeps when people follow to the boarding area; The screens that show the flights and crawlers are already connected; The signposts are all painted ; And Apple computers are already installed in kiosks for internet access .

Dubbed Hamad International Airport , the works on the new Doha airport began in 2005 to replace the current terminal, which received 21 million passengers in 2012 and now operates at its maximum capacity .

The project was designed to be a hub (flights distribution center) for Qatar Airways . The company's main business is to carry passengers from the East to the West, a service that requires a good infrastructure for connections, an efficient airport. Today, about 80 % of passengers arriving in Doha do not remain in the city.

With the new airport, Qatar Airways wants to directly compete with Dubai airport and Emirates Airlines. Dubai carried 62 million passengers on international flights in the 12 months ending in July, according to data from Airports Council International (ACI) .  It is the second busiest airport in the world, behind only Heathrow Airport in London. Doha is the 24th of the list and second in the Middle East.

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